15 January 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…15 JAN

Monday night's sunset.

Tuesday was a take-it-easy day for me. Got up and tackled the mail, the first box of which had arrived from Connecticut via the USPS's "snowbird" service. USPS collects the mail for a week, packages it up, and forwards it to us here in Florida.

There were, of course, bills to pay. Did that. But now have a week's worth of magazines to go through, which will be relaxing.

Did various errands: Post office; CVS; found a new flowery, Hawaii-style shirt at Bell's for ten bucks [it'll probably shrink down and I'll end up giving it to Z]; checked out the fishing stuff at KMart...eh! Did buy a small Kastmaster that I figured would be a killer on mangrove snappers. Half an hour out on the basin wall, however, indicates that it seemed only to give the fish the giggles.

Hmm. Maybe a Mepps would work?

Caryl and I hit Hobo's Cafe up at MM101.7 in Key Largo, home of the "sloppy burger." Didn't even ask. If you Google it though, you'll see that there's not a great deal of agreement as to who owns the rights to that recipe.

But, a blackened mahi sammich proved their chef knows how to cook fish.

Above is Tuesday night's sunset.

Here's the moon on Tuesday night...getting a slice bigger each night.

There's a trick to taking photos of the moon. If you just point your automatic camera up there and poke the silver button, chances are the moon will be all washed out...i.e., no visible features. So unless your camera has a manual setting...where you can set the f-stop and shutter speed yourself, odds are good you're not gonna see craters...just something looks like a photo of a light bulb.

It also helps if your camera has telephoto capability, otherwise, the photo's gonna look like someone holding a match at the other end of a train tunnel.

And, finally, it's necessary to be able to hold the camera steady. A tripod is the best answer for that, but you can also lean against a tree or even lie flat on the ground to reduce the shakes that will make the photo phuzzy.

If you've got all three of these going for you, you can take nice shots of the moon.

Tomorrow I'll tell you how to set the f-stop and shutter speed to get the best possible picture.

Meanwhile, in other news...

• 800 to Hunt Florida Everglades Pythons

“An armed mob set out into the Florida Everglades on Saturday to flush out a scaly invader.

”It sounds like the second act of a sci-fi horror flick but, really, it's pretty much Florida's plan for dealing with an infestation of Burmese pythons that are eating their way through a fragile ecosystem.

”Nearly 800 people signed up for the month-long "Python Challenge" that started Saturday afternoon. The vast majority - 749 - are members of the general public who lack the permits usually required to harvest pythons on public lands….

”Roughly 2,050 pythons have been harvested in Florida since 2000, according to the conservation commission. It's unknown exactly how many are slithering through the wetlands….”

Source: News-JournalOnline.com

• Needs Frequent Reminders

A reader emailed that as he was getting older he needed frequent reminders.

I told him, “You’re not alone in the aging process. I spent 10 minutes the other day looking for my sunglasses; turns out that they were on my hat…and my hat was on my head.”
Source: Shoo-Fly

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