14 January 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…14 JAN

Sunday night's sunset.

The sun is actually way off to the left of this photo...what's showing here is the reflection of the sun on the clouds and the reflection of the clouds in the water.

Jim C. joined me on Shoo-Fly today. He's a Floridian by birth and a dyed-in-the-feathers fly-fisherman. All he brought on the boat today were fly rods which he persisted in using despite the fact that the winds, forecast at 10-15 kts, were honking to 20 or so out on Florida Bay.

But Jim's a certified fly-casting instructor and can deal with conditions that would have other, less-skilled fly fishers reaching for the spinning rod.

We got off to a slow start as we tried to find areas that were protected from the gale while still holding fish.

We caught a few jacks...

...and some ladyfish before we finally spotted a whole series of muds that looked promising.

Muds, you may recall, are areas of water that have been disturbed by feeding fish that can be obvious to view as they appear as a big spill of coffee in the otherwise blue/green bay.

We found jacks, ladies, seatrout, catfish, mackerel [I think that's what cut me off] and...

...Jim got a very nice 5-lb. bluefish.

A couple of times we had sharks come up and try to take the fish off our lines.

So a day on the water that started off slowly ended up with a lot of fish activity.

Here's the moon starting its cycle of expansion heading toward full on about the 27th of the month.

Meanwhile, in other news...

• Coast Guard Now Actively Protecting Striped Bass

“The pre-dawn January morning was chilled with a light breeze while wisps of fog clung to the distant skylines of Portsmouth and Norfolk. Slowly, a golden-red sun climbed the horizon, painting the white hull of the 87-foot Coast Guard Cutter Shearwater with a soft light as the crew pulled the ship away from the pier.

”The crew of the Shearwater was underway for Operation Striper Swiper….”

Source: CoastGuardNews.com

• The $1.8 Million Bluefin Tuna: More Than Just Meat

“There are several issues in play at the first tuna auction of the year, and only some of them relate to the tuna fishery.

”Among the patrons of the Tsukiji fish auction, it is considered an honor to buy the first bluefin of the new years, and bidding wars reflect this fight for status. The massive international headlines that follow the purchase of such a fish is free advertising for the winner.

”As many auction-goers know, landing a high, early win is a way of marking your territory and letting your competitors know that you have the bankroll to push them out of a bidding war.”

Source: SouthernFriedScience.com

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