13 January 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…13 JAN

Now feeling well enough to go fishing...and the wind may cooperate on Monday, so may actually have a fishing report Monday evening...please cross your fingers.

Sunset shots are from Saturday night.

Devil's Ivy gets large and aggressive down here.

Back in Connecticut I've got some that's lived on a coffee table for more than 20 years.

What with global warming, may get back home and find it's taken over the house.

Cormorants practicing their circus tight-rope walking act: The Flying Fish-Eaters.

The famous and very rare albino hibiscus.

If Seurat were to paint an egret in flight....

Click on any photo to enlarge.

Can you tell I'm getting bored with the same old subject matter?

Meanwhile, in other news...

• Charles Walsh’s Fishing Column – 11 JAN 2013

“Despite what many housebound, cabin-fevered anglers might think, it is an undeniable fact that winter DOES end. Eventually.

”Sadly, it is also an undeniable fact that there is a lot of cold weather left before you can stow the parka and drag the wind-proof fleece out of the closet. So meantime, there is a need for activities to fill the void created by the onset of winter.

”Here are a few suggestions….”

Source: CTPost.com

• A Thought for Today

Too much of a good thing can be bad for you.

Does that also apply to moderation?

Source: Shoo-Fly

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