12 January 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…12 JAN

Friday night's sunset.

Same sunset several minutes after sun went down behind the horizon.

No, the colors have not been messed with.

Mourning doves landed on the back porch this morning to sip the fresh water condensed on the cement.

Neighbor is having a very solid launch ramp installed.

Should be able to handle a naval destroyer...at least.

Coast Guard was conducting "chase down that boat" exercises on the Bay this afternoon.

A Monroe County Sheriff's boat was acting the role of perp.

Couple of snorkelers came past the boat basin looking for lobster hangouts.

They said all the spinys they'd seen were undersized.

Note the diving flag mounted on a float...to advertise the presence of divers and hopefully keep from having some clod run over them.

Mangrove snapper...and that's possibly a parrot fish behind him to the left.


Probably deciding which one of them will volunteer next to make a mess out of Shoo-Fly.

I dunno what this is.

Egbert looking svelte in his white tie.

Iggy is just not a handsome fellow.

Maybe the lady iguanas think he's hot?

A little green heron.

Wind continues to be a problem...but I'm feeling better each day.

Meanwhile, in other news...

• “Losing the Glades: The Ghosts of the Bonefish,” by Alan Farago

“On visits to watery Biscayne National Park, I am reminded of the simple shock that one can still view signposts of the natural past despite a hundred years of pollution, the mangrove cutting and wetlands filling, and general disregard of elected officials for laws, regulations and lax enforcement.”

Source: CounterPunch.org

Thanks to Val S. for the tip on this article.

• Winter Doldrums, Slow Fishing, Try Dead-Sticking

“Most fishermen make the mistake of sticking with the lure cadence they found success with during warmer months. If you find the fish are resisting your best presentations, try dead sticking.”>

Source: SaltWaterSportsman.com

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