11 January 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…11 JAN

Still on the mend, health-wise here...but actually got out of the house today and drove around doing errands: Bank...food...clothes.

Went to Bells in Key Largo; got 6 pair of gold-toe short white sox for $7.95 and a pair of pj pants for $6.95. We need a place like that back north.

Thursday night's sunset from the wide-angle lens...

...and at the same time in a telephoto pic.

These stand-up paddle boards have become popular.

How great an idea it is to be using one without a life vest...I'm not sure.

Don't really see the attraction to the activity, but, of course, haven't tried it...and not likely to.

Things we really didn't want to have a photo of:

Walked out to the boat to see if all was well and found this mullet dead in the bottom of the boat. Guess he must have been swimming along in the basin, merrily leaping into the air and landing back in the water with an exuberant splash when suddenly...thump..."hey, where'd the water go?"

So he thrashed all around...got blood all over the place...made a big, sticky mess, and then...expired there on the deck.

I cleaned up the mess.

Buried him "at sea."

We spotted this big iguana basking on a deck a few houses away.

Hope he stays there...or further.

Slight chance of fishing on Saturday, but may need another day of rest...and the wind forecast isn't that spiffy either.

Meanwhile, in other news...

• New High for Tuna at Tokyo Fish Sale

“Tokyo’s main fish market ushered in the new year with an auction on Saturday that resulted in the highest price paid here, and probably anywhere, for a tuna.

”A Tokyo-based sushi restaurant chain owner paid 155.4 million yen, or about $1.76 million, for a 488-pound bluefin, or about $3,600 per pound.”

Source: NYTimes.com

Thanks to Hank D. for the tip on this article.

• Nine Great Flies

“These popular flies should be in all saltwater anglers' boxes.”

Source: FlyFishinSalt.com

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