08 January 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…08 JAN

These are all sunset shots from Monday night.

Apologies, but I spent the deal dealing with bureaucrats and as a result have nothing Islamorada-ish to report.

Anyone who would like to know the details of the bureaucratic jumble that had to be sorted out can drop an email and I'll fill you in on all the exciting details.

Or not.

Meanwhile in other news...

• Housatonic River Bald Eagles

“People can observe bald eagles from late December through mid-March at the Shepaug Eagle Observation Area in Southbury, operated by FirstLight Power Resources.”

Source: Acorn-Online.com

• “China's Hunger for Fish Upsets Seas”

“ China's growing hunger for seafood is testing relations with other countries and worrying foreign officials and scientists over the potential damage its massive fleet could do to global fishing stocks….

” In the latest example, Argentina said on Wednesday that it had captured on Monday two Chinese fishing vessels that it said were illegally fishing in its waters. Officials said Argentina's coast guard boarded the ships after firing warning shots to prevent them from fleeing to international waters, and that the vessels were carrying 10 metric tons of squid and fish….

”…a European Commission report this year said China reported just 368,000 tons of its 2010-2011 catch from the high seas compared with an estimated actual haul of 4.6 million tons.”

Source: OnlineWSJ.com

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