07 January 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…07 JAN

Frequently, when we don't fish I go around the house and see what's blooming in the little tropical paradise that is this yard.

Here's a view down the right side of the house out to Florida Bay.

Click on any pic to enlarge.

This tree really knows how to put down roots...or are they suckers?

The grapefruit here don't seem to turn the bright yellow color we're used to in the grocery stores up north.

In fact, the best way to tell that they're ready to eat is when some pink color turns up on their skin.

We had the electricians here today as the electrical box out on the basin wall from which we charge the boat's trolling motor was dead. Exposure to years of salt spray and rain had done it in.

All fixed now and Shoo-Fly is happily charging her batteries.

Later, I went out to toss a lure under the neighbors' docks which lie on either side of our basin wall...hoping to catch a fat mangrove snapper...perhaps for dinner.

Mangrove snappers are much easier to catch on small, baited hooks than they are on lures...at least the smaller mangroves are. This is because they have a habit of grabbing just the tail of a lure...behind the point of the hook...thus frustrating the whole catching procedure.

So, I rigged a small, 3" plastic minnow imitation on a long hook...the type of hook used by freshwater bass fishermen to rig plastic worms.

This put the business part of the hook well back on the plastic minnow so those tail-grabbing snappers might get some metal along with the plastic.

Using a non-slip mono loop to attach the lure to the fishing line permitted some good motion to the plastic even though the hook is holding most of the lure stable. The little paddle tail on the end of the minnow still wiggles back and forth to attract attention.

In addition, I put a dab of Gorilla brand super glue [best-darned super glue I've ever found] on head of the hook before pushing the minnow up behind the eye...so the whole rig would hold together.

Then threw this creation toward the neighbor's dock.

What must have been a decent-sized snapper came out from under the dock, grabbed the lure, got hooked up, and tore off a whole bunch of line in an attempt to get back under the dock. I couldn't hold him [was using my lightest rod and [dummy] hadn't set the drag on the reel tightly enough].

Snapper promptly wrapped the leader around a dock piling and that was the end of that. All I retrieved was the line and about half the leader. No snapper. No lure.

But at least the idea worked.

Hibiscus: Here's a better photo than the one posted on 05 JAN.

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