06 January 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…06 JAN

Egbert the egret returned today...as you can see, he's standing on the back porch of the house, hoping for a handout.

He's fussy. Won't eat crackers or bread crusts...wants only shrimp and minnows.

Had to tell him we were fresh-out.

Egbert brought along his little buddy, Sancho Ponzi, perhaps hoping the smaller bird would appeal to our sympathies.

The Ponzi scheme worked, but we were still fresh-out of shrimp and minnows.

Mullet doing their thing, whatever that is, in the boat basin.

Had a special visit from a great blue heron. No mooch this one...he went straight to the basin looking for his breakfast.

Wayne and I went out fishing. Winds were forecast at 10-15 kts...from the east which means an offshore breeze.

Breeze, my foot! Once we got out of the lee of the Key we saw the winds were more like 20 kts.

We tried one semi-protected area for permit, but couldn't see any with all the wind and waves.

We moved to another location and ran smack into a bunch of muds.

Muds are areas of disturbed water that look as though someone poured a coffee milkshake into the water. They can be created by dolphins, such as this small pod in the photo above [click on any photo to enlarge], or by feeding fish; they can be just a few feet across or acres in size.

These were fish muds, so we proceeded to catch a mess of spotted seatrout, jacks, and ladyfish.

Wayne ended up taking three keeper-sized trout home to neighbors who dearly love them for dinner.

Wayne also caught a saltwater catfish...a most undesirable critter to have on your line for, although they put up a good fight, they also produce strings of slime that get all over your fishing line...as you can see in this photo.

Catfish are one member of the Trashfish Grand Slam.

Although we couldn't do the sort of fishing we'd hoped for, it was still a great day on the water.

Tonight's sunset.

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