05 January 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…05 JAN

Friday night's sunset

Frequently the sky after the sun is well down is even more glorious than the moments before sunset.


Not a great photo. I'll get some better ones another day.

Saturday morning dawned gruesomely.

Nasty looking clouds on the horizon, flags standing out from their staffs [an indicator of winds approaching 20 kts.], and whitecaps starting to appear on Florida Bay.

But around noon the skies turned blue and stayed pretty much cloud-free for the rest of the day.

Was still pretty breezy, though.

Flight of frigate birds appeared overhead.

Caryl and I hit World Wide Sportsman [the BassPro Shop in Islamorada] as I needed some hooks and leader material...then we went off to...

...the Island Grill for yet another mediocre meal. Don't know what it is with that place. Guess keep going back there because of the location [right at water-level, next to a canal lined with mangroves behind which is the entrance to Snake Creek and the Atlantic Ocean], but the food...can't remember the last time I got a good meal there, never mind an excellent one. Place was clean, waitress was excellent, but today's grilled mahi sandwich was so dry and tasteless I had to order a large soda to wash it down. Remember once getting a piece of fish there...I told the waitress...a few more dozen like it and one could roof a garage with them.

Also keep going back because I figure it's got to get better.

Not this year I guess.

Caryl did report that the triple-layer chocolate cake was very good.

Saturday night's sunset...

...and the light on the clouds after the sun went down.

In other news...

• Charles Walsh’s Fishing Column – 04 JAN 2013
“Fortunately for us, the imminent onset of the fishing expo season provides a chance to break out of our somnambulant state. Believe it or not, the first fishing show of the season, The Fly Fishing Show in Marlborough, Mass., is less than two weeks away….”

Source: CTPost.com

• Striped Bass: In-Line Sinkers Help Control Lure’s Depth
“You tie the weight on your line and put a leader behind it with your lure. This allows the lure to dive deeper than it normally would and lets you use lures that would never be able to get to that depth without some help.”

Source: DailyAdvance.com

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