03 January 2013

Islamorda Journal 2013…03 JAN

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Here in Islamorada...

Tree off the back porch looks good at night...in daytime it appears to have gotten a bit scraggly.

Might work in a Harry Potter scene?

Oops...just noticed that I ran the same pic yesterday.

Last night Shoo-Fly appeared to be reasonably content to be back in her old docking.

This is a telephoto shot of some lights at a marina off to the south of us.

Photo was so out-of-focus that it was sort of...cool...well...at least...colorful.

Spent the morning doing the overdue cleanup job on Shoo-fly.

First, had to remove the sticky tape residue from the duct tape I used to hold things in place on the boat during the truck-ride down: Wire for the radio microphone, wire for the antenna, and the wire for the gps unit would flail themselves to death if not restrained by tape.

Next, a general mop-down of the decks using an environmentally approved soap that actually works pretty well...if you lean on the mop a bit.

Then, attack the mildew in the hatches, especially in the hatch run-off drains.

Finally, scrub the stubborn spots with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser [the cheapo ones from Winn-Dixie seem to work just as well], and a final rinse.

We're blessed with another beautiful day, so the hatches can stay open for a few hours to dry and wipe out the rest of the mildew [can just hear the little mildew spores crying out "Here comes the sun...run for it fellas!."

As you can see from the last photo, the boat is docked in a basin in front of the house.

This shot shows the boat sitting in the basin which is shaped like a capital G...sort of.

Keeps the boat very safe in storms, but makes getting in and out through that narrow opening a bit tricky...not a one-person job.

There's a school of mullet that seems to hang out in the basin. Here you can see them heading out of the basin into Florida Bay as they got a bit nervous seeing me standing above them on the basin wall.

ZCM may recall that we saw a school of mullet in there last year.

Wonder if it's the same gang.

Photo of the basin at night...last night.

In other news...

• Fishing Tips: How to Clean a Salt Water Reel

“At the end of the day, line your equipment up and gently mist it with water. Salt accumulations will easily dissolve and run off the reel without having to resort to a harsh spray.

”Harsh water baths cause the salt and water to be forced inside of the….”

Source: OutdoorLife.com

• Woman Auctioned Off Ex-Boyfriend’s Secret Fishing Spots for Cash

“Breakups can be painful. But on the bright side, they can lead to some creative revenge schemes.

”To wit: A spurned New Zealand woman sold the secret locations to her ex-boyfriend's favorite fishing spots, netting $3,000, which she then spent on herself.”

Source: Stuff.co.nz

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