31 January 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…31 JAN

Tuesday afternoon Wayne came over and threw the fly rod for a while out on the end of the boat basin.

Nothing bit, but there was some interest on the part of a large trumpetfish that was under the dock next door.

With winds howling out of the SE we sat around and shot the breeze, so to speak, over lemonades for a couple of hours, then called it a day.

Caryl and...

...and I went to...

...to the Lorelei which appears to be our favorite restaurant here.

Service was terrible. They were clearly understaffed. Our waiter said he had ten tables to take care of. Took 25 minutes to get a drink, ten minutes after the food arrived to get a knife and fork, and 15 minutes of waiting after we'd paid the check for a take-home desert to show up.

Don't go to the Lorelei at 5:30 pm.

Food was good, though.

Wednesday, Wayne and I decided, what the heck, the wind's blowing 20 kts. but we've got to get out and fish.

Just barely got Shoo-Fly out of the boat basin when I realized the whole dashboard was dead: No VHF, no GPS, no horn, no lights, no...nothing. Motor ran but that was it.

We called Matt over at Caribee and he was most helpful with suggestions. Wayne climbed under the console and checked all the fuses...looked for loose connections...nothing. We then checked the starboard/aft compartment and found this wacky little "Shortstop" unit next to the Guest switch.

A bit corroded you say?

So we fiddled with that and suddenly the radio came on...dash started working.

We were off to a local marine shop, found a replacement unit, and slapped it in using plenty of liquid tape over the connection.

We were back in business.

Unfortunately, we'd also spent so much time at the repair that it didn't make any sense to go out at that point...especially as we'd learned during the little time we'd spent outside the boat basin that the wind was blowing a heck of a lot harder than 20 kts.

So we were back on the deck having a lemonade.

Paddleboarders went out in the evening when the winds finally decided to relent.

Wednesday night's sunset.

And Shoo-Fly sits in the boat basin...champing at the bit.

Meanwhile, in other news...

• Fire Destroys Fixture in Stratford Harbor

“STRATFORD -- The old catamaran that has been a fixture in Stratford harbor for years is no more."

Source: CTPost.com

• NOAA, USGS: Climate Change Impacts To U.S. Coasts Threaten Public Health, Safety and Economy

“According to a new technical report, the effects of climate change will continue to threaten the health and vitality of U.S. coastal communities’ social, economic and natural systems. The report, Coastal Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerabilities: a technical input to the 2013 National Climate Assessment, authored by leading scientists and experts, emphasizes the need for increased coordination and planning to ensure U.S. coastal communities are resilient against the effects of climate change….

“Sandy showed us that coastal states and communities need effective strategies, tools and resources to conserve, protect, and restore coastal habitats and economies at risk from current environmental stresses and a changing climate….”

Source: NOAA

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