30 January 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…30 JAN

Meanwhile, in other news...

• Video Shows Transformation of Nasty Naugatuck River into Nice Naugatuck River

“This video shows the amazing transformation of the Naugatuck River, which was polluted for years by industries and municipalities in the Naugatuck Valley. However, thanks to dedication from a number of individuals, the river is once again a beautiful treasure in the Valley. And communities from Torrington to Derby are creating greenways to showcase the river.”

Source: Naugatuck.Patch.com

• “Tying the Perfect Tog [Blackfish] Rig”

“In the February 2013 issue of Salt Water Sportsman, we shared how to trick trophy tautog using "Crazy" Alberto Knie's perfect tog bottom rig. See how to tie it below, along with detailed instructions on how to tie the three connections involved.”

Source: SaltWaterSportsman.com

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