29 January 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…27-29 JAN

"No, George, you said YOU were going to fill the gas tank!"

Saturday's sunset

Not all the lunkheads are on Long Island Sound.

This clown is racing his personal watercraft through a "no-wake" zone as designated by the white buoys, one of which can be seen in this pic. The zone is set up this way as the manatee pass through this area, close to shore, as part of their feeding or migration pattern.

If you've seen any manatee up close, you know that many of them are marked with horrendous scars that have been inflicted on them by boat propellers.

Same lunkhead went out in another boat and raced around in the same restricted area.

Sunday night's sunset.

Haven't been able to get decent photos of the now full moon due to cloud cover.

Monday night's sunset.

Click on any photo to see a gallery of enlargements of the pix in this post.

Meanwhile, in other news...

• Charles Walsh’s Fishing Column – 25 JAN 2013

“…the numbers of young people (under 16) who fish regularly has been dropping for more than a decade, a trend that's led to fewer adult anglers. The decline in youth fishing is reflected in the continuing fall in the numbers of fishing licenses issued annually by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

”Blame for this unfortunate fact usually falls to a couple of factors….”

Source: CTPost.com

• New Hampshire River Success Story

“In May 6, 2006, the Fraser paper mill on the bank of New Hampshire’s Androscoggin River belched rancid smoke into the air for the last time. Closed due to rising costs and diminishing returns, the mill was the economic lifeblood for the struggling town of Berlin, New Hampshire. The pulp industry had supported the city since the first mill opened in 1877.

”The depressed town sits in the heart of the White Mountains near the Maine border, and has depended on jobs created by the mill for decades. When the mill closed, the town was hit by an unemployment sledgehammer, and although the economy suffered, the Androscoggin River took a deep, clean breath after years of pollution. The river was reborn.”

Source: FlyFisherman.com

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