26 January 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013…25-26 JAN

Thursday evening's sunset.

These are unretouched photos.

Straight out of the camera.

And Thursday night's moon.

On Friday Wayne and I headed through Snake Creek to Smugglers to gas the boat. Picked up a nice splinter in my finger from their rotten old dock.

Have always admired this house which sits right on the edge of the creek.

Then we motored out onto Florida Bay against wind and wave to try to find some place where we could stretch our lines without getting blown all over the lot.

We got into a ditch [not one that's used for boat traffic] that was absolutely loaded with jacks.

If we stayed there we'd could have caught a hundred of them...but we moved on to try to locate more interesting species.

This jack fell to a battered Clouser minnow on the fly rod.

We did find mackerel, bluefish, and ladyfish and had a small pod of dolphins pay us a visit.

Managed to snatch a good fishing day out of the jaws of the wind.

Friday night's sunset...going...



Meanwhile, in other news...

• “Omega 3s vs. Mercury—Is Seafood Good for You?”

“It seems there’s a never-ending see-saw battle in scientific research about certain consumables. Red wine will decrease incidence of cardiovascular disease! No it won’t. Dark chocolate will lower your body mass index! Or not.

”Seafood is no different. For every report that Omega 3 fatty acids are the fountain of youth, there’s another study warning seafood lovers about looming poison from excessive quantities of heavy metals, especially mercury. But are Omega 3s really that beneficial? And what to make of reports that selenium in fish can counterbalance the negative effects of mercury? And just what the hell is selenium, anyway? What’s the truth about fish?”

Source: AmericanProgress.org

• “How to Set Fly Reel Drags”

“What is the proper way to adjust the drag on a fly reel?

”And how do you go about making sure it’s set properly before you fish?”

Source: MidCurrent.com

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