02 January 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013...02 JAN

As you can guess from the photo, Wayne and I went fishing today...which means, of course, that we got the boat from the marina at which it was in temporary storage and brought it back to the house.

This turned into a bit of an adventure for me as Wayne, who typically goes with me on this trip, had to drive his truck back to the house...so I was on my own.

I know the water between the marina and the house very well...all except for one passage through a key that seems to elude me...and it did again today. I got the boat to the area where I thought the passage would be, and couldn't find it. But, I could see a ditch, lined with mangroves on either side, on the other side of which was open water. I did a big circle around to get lined up, and then headed into the ditch.

Wasn't into the ditch more than fifty feet when I realized: "This is the wrong darned passage [or words to that effect]." The mangroves were within inches of the boat on either side and it was shallow.

But fortunately there was enough water to get through to the opening and Shoo-Fly and I burst out onto the desired channel...making a hard right to avoid blasting through an adjoining no-wake zone.

In this manner we got back to the house...with something of an adventure to relate.

So we prepped the boat and headed out to fish.

Wasn't hard finding fish...we caught maybe three dozen of them...the most interesting fact about which was that the first five fish we caught were all different species: The one that Wayne's holding in the photo above is a speckled seatrout...this one to the right is a bluefish...yes, the same fish that we regularly catch up in Connecticut.

Here's Wayne fighting some fish...probably a crevale jack as most of the fish we caught were jacks.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

This is a jack.

We had to keep an eye on some rain showers off to the west, but they never threatened us.

This is a lizardfish...a highly undesirable component of a trashfish grand slam

Fortunately we didn't fill out that slam.

I did land a very nice Spanish mackerel that ended up on the dinner table at Wayne and Linda's.

The fish hit the lure hard, tore off a bunch of line from the reel, and finally ended up in the livewell.

Also a respectable ladyfish of over two pounds.

Tonight's sunset was pretty, but not spectac.

This is from the Lor-e-lei restaurant where Caryl and I had dinner.

Back at the house, a time-lapse photo of the tree on the water-side of the house.

And...here's Caryl's pic of Wayne and me just getting back to the dock after fishing,

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