01 January 2013

Islamorada Journal 2013...01 JAN

We arrived in Islamorada today at 1530 hours having debarked from home at 0600; 9.5 hours by air and car. Not too shabby; beats the heck out of three days on I-95 by car or two days with the AutoTrain and car. Funny thing is, it costs about the same no matter which way you go. Wonder how they work that out?

Got to see Wayne and Linda as well as Hanson for a few minutes before we fell to unpacking.

Grabbed a couple of quick photos for you to peruse.

So here's our first sunset of the trip. Not exactly spectacular as Islamorada sunset go, but nice.

It's 80 degrees here [sorry to rub it in, but a guy's gotta have some fun].

One of the first things to notice here is the dock just installed by the next-door neighbors which goes very nicely with...

...the bloody palace they just finished.

Place is spectacular.

The little anole lizards are ubiquitous as usual and...

...old Iggy is back.

He appears to have put on a bit of muscle...and quite a bit of tail. He's probably 3.5-4 feet long.

If he gets at all frisky we may have to ask him to vacate the premises.

Food shopping and more unpacking to do...then we'll see what tomorrow offers.

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