01 December 2012

• Snakeheads Have Taken Over the Potomac River

“Since then, they’ve colonized just about every freshwater creek along the Potomac. Now snakeheads have been spotted in the Patuxent. Snakeheads also have been found in the Nanticoke and Wicomico rivers on the Eastern Shore, the Rhode River in south county and Lake Elkhorn in Columbia.

”While it is illegal to have a live snakehead, the DNR encourages to anglers to catch — and kill — as many snakeheads as their hearts desire. The state has lobbied chefs to put snakehead on their menus, and there are regular snakehead fishing tournaments on the Potomac.

”The goal is to at least suppress the snakehead population. It would be impossible to eradicate them now that they are in open-water areas such as the Potomac and the Patuxent, officials said.”

Source: CapitalGazette.com

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