17 October 2012

• How to Set Up a 2-Fly Rig

I mentioned recently about catching two schoolie stripers on one cast by using a 2-fly rig.

One of our erstwhile readers was intrigued enough about this to inquire how this can be done.

There are probably several ways to do it...but the bottom line is that you have to end up with two pieces of mono or fluorocarbon hanging off the end of your leader. The most traditional method is to create a "dropper loop" in your leader and then tie a section of mono/fluoro to that. This will work just fine; however, I'd like to show you two other approaches:


In this first method, you take a section of mono/fluoro about 24 inches [61 cm] long and fold it in half [shown by the multi-colored line in this photo].

Then you come in with your leader [solid white] and combine the two with an "Albright Knot."

Note that the hot links for the knots will take you to AnimatedKnots.com where there are full instructions and amazing pix of how to tie the knots.

You clip off the extra piece of leader on the left and then clip one of the two sections of mono/fluoro shorter than the other, depending on how far apart you want your two flies to be, and then tie on the flies.


In this method you tie in a section of mono/fluoro using a "surgeon's knot" and leave a length of leader extending below the knot next to the tied-in piece of mono/fluoro; then tie a fly to each of these.

Nice thing about this method is that it allows you to use two different tests of material which may help in getting the flies to separate more in the water.

Instead of the surgeon's knot, I prefer to use the "J-Knot." It's tougher and gives a greater feeling of security...at least to me.

So the result is two flies at the end of your fly line.

I like to use a Clouser Minnow [weighted] on the longer section of mono/fluoro and a Lefty's Deceiver [unweighted] on the shorter end. This allows the Clouser to hang lower in the water and stay separated from the unweighted fly.

Any questions, let me know.

p.s. This will also work with spinning gear; you can use a weighted jig on the bottom and a lighter lure above.

p.p.s. Casting a 2-fly rig is a bit more taxing than a single-fly outfit...but the extra hits may be worth the effort.

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