30 October 2012

• Connecticut, Long Island Sound, Housatonic River Saltwater Fishing Report: OCT 2012

A few photos from recent fishing trips.

Roy P. and I got into schoolies and blues one day.

Pulling the no-wake buoys at the mouth of the Housatonic.

Boaters should be reminded however, that removing the buoys does not remove their responsibility to transit the area in a manner that doesn't endanger other boaters...

...such as throwing monster wakes toward nearby fishing vessels.

Charlie W. got schoolies and blues on spin gear...

...and on the fly rod

This is what a mess of bluefish looks like on Mr. Garmin...

...in 34 feet of water...

...and the Long Island Sound water temperature at 63.2°F.

Some "eaters" in the livewell.

Gerry S. and I were into bluefish for a couple of hours out there.

Probably could have stayed the whole day on those fish...

...they were a lot of fun on light gear and took jigs, poppers, and flies as long as we stayed.

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