16 October 2012

• Connecticut, Long Island Sound, Housatonic River Saltwater Fishing Report: 13 OCT 2012

Sorry, but have been a bit lazy about posting trip reports to the blog.

It's been a mixed bag weather-wise...a lot of hiding out from the wind and dodging the rain.

Still, there have been some glorious sunrises...even when reflected in the condo windows...

...or when seen over the bow of a sailboat.

All the usual lunkheads have been out...racing through the no-wake zone.

We explained to this gentleman that he was supposed to be wearing a life vest, but...to no apparent avail.

Despite the dodgy weather, we've gotten into fish each trip...here's Val S. fighting a schoolie.

We gave this tug and barge the "right of way" as she was restricted in maneuverability...and a lot bigger than we were.

I think Charlie W. was fighting a bluefish in this shot.

Whereas a few weeks ago we were landing 10-15 blues for every striper, it's now reversed...more bass than blues.

Water temp was 64° on the 13th, so some bluefish will be with us for a while yet.

Finally remembered to take a photo of a caught fish...schoolie striper...fun on light gear.

I was using a 2-fly rig on Saturday and caught schoolies two-at-a-time on six casts. Funny thing was, when we tried 1-fly setups, we went hitless!

The color of the marsh grass is outstanding this time of year.

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