07 September 2012

Connecticut, Long Island Sound, Housatonic River Saltwater Fishing Report: 07 SEP 2012

0600 Friday

Geese heading south?


Cormorants, and who knows what's going on in their brains!



Dry the wings!

That's about it I'd guess.

Mal was kept pretty busy this morning cranking in bluefish.

Gives you an idea as to how windless the morning was.

This is Mal's final trip with us this year as he's heading back to Florida before the slightest hint of cold air can strike Connecticut.

This tiny [about 2 cm. diameter] starfish came up on my Clouser Deep Minnow.

Guess the fly was getting down there all right.

Mal picked up a nice, 10-lb. bluefish on his last day on the water here.

According to Woofish.com, this fish would be six to seven years old.

We released him in fine shape.

No-wake-zone-lunkhead #1

Mal brought two bags of soft plastic lures on board...and ended up going through most of them as the bluefish chomped them up. [Think they were Zoom Super Flukes.]

White was the lure color of the day...even the Clouser I was throwing was white over white.

No-wake-zone-lunkhead #2

Another great day on the water...for the birds and for us.

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