12 August 2012

• Lobsters: Bad Stripers…Baaaaad!

”In her experiments, Wilkinson noted that predators preyed primarily on juvenile lobsters, and the lobsters displayed no defensive behavior toward stripers in particular.

”She hypothesizes that due to the previously lower number of stripers, lobsters didn’t see them as a large threat.

”Add these conditions to the lack of other prey for the striper to feed on, and this could mean significant future casualties for the lobster in this region.”

Source: OutdoorLife.com

Charlie W. suggests, "However, further scientific research found that stripers instinctively employ silky undulating movements as they approaches a lobster causing it to be lulled into a kind of trance state, much as a snake charmer lulls a cobra into docility with his movements. However several stripers have been bitten when they undulated carelessly."

Capt. Skip, OTOH, proposes that perhaps the striped bass floss and brush regularly so they have no lobster breath that would frighten the crustaceans.

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