24 August 2012

• Kayaking: A Sleigh Ride When You Hook the Big One

”’I was an angler first, then a kayaker,’ [and]…had some ‘painful and expensive’ mishaps early on. ‘Now I tie everything down….’

“Although…a kayak is very stable, they can sometimes flip in the surf. Like fishing off any boat…you want to practice safety first.

“You want to be visible on the water, you want to be seen… has a flag on the back of her boat as well as a light.

“Plus kayakers should have a lifejacket and a noise-making device such as a whistle…a knife as well to cut fishing line if needed.

“Another advantage of fishing out of kayak is it allows the angler access to shallow water. ‘You are able to get up among the fish’ because of the lack of noise,”

Source: TheDestinLog.com

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