03 August 2012

• Fly Casting: How to Groove Your Cast [3]

The Paintbrush: Pretend you're holding a paintbrush freshly dipped in paint and you want to throw the paint in front of you. (Whoever thought of this one may have been a Jackson Pollack fan.) You hold on to the paint as long as you can before the final, forward flick.

"Much like the apple analogy, this one illustrates the value of a firm stop. But it also - almost subconsciously - reminds your casting hand to maintain a smooth momentum throughout the cast, right up to the stop.

"If your hand slows down toward the end of the stroke, your casting energy will fizzle.”

Source: This and other ideas on how to groove your cast can be found in the most recent newsletter from Flyshack.com. To receive this newsletter, go to Fly Shack Newsletter

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