17 August 2012

Connecticut, Long Island Sound, Housatonic River Saltwater Fishing Report: 17 AUG 2012

Val S. and I arrived at the dock before the sun had bothered to stick its head up over the horizon.

Can't complain about the pre-dawn light show, however.

Val looks a bit shocked as a good-sized bluefish pounded his lure about 3 minutes from the dock.

You could stuff a softball in that maw.

Providing you didn't want to see the softball again....

Sun finally did come up and stayed with us the whole time we were out on the water.

Here Val looks much more at home with his accustomed fly rod.

Fish hooked on a fly seem to put up more of an air show for some reason.

And the 7-pound bluefish came on board...and stayed for dinner.

It's particularly pleasing to land a nice fish on a fly that you've made yourself...this is Val's bunker fly visible in the bluefish's mouth.

This blue pulled the scale down to 6 lbs.

Not a big fish but still a handfull on light tackle.

Lunkhead of the day.

This gentlemen came flying up to our boat at flank speed, saw that Val and I each had a fish on, and promptly tossed over his anchor and began casting into the area we were fishing.

It wasn't as though the reef was crowded. We were the only boat fishing the Middleground at that time...the rest of the whole bloody reef was available for him to fish.

I suggested to him that perhaps he was a bit close, but he clearly didn't care what my opinion was on that subject.

Some boaters seem to have no clue about fishing etiquette.

Perhaps he also pushes into waiting lines in front of old ladies?

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