10 August 2012

Connecticut DEEP Saltwater Fishing Report - 09 August 2012

Striped Bass fishing is good during the nighttime hours and Bluefish fishing is good to excellent. Fishing spots include the reefs off Watch Hill, Ram Island Reef, Thames River, the Race, Plum Gut, Pigeon Rip, Little Gull Island, outer Bartlett Reef, Black Point, Hatchett Reef, Connecticut River, Long Sand Shoal, Cornfield Point, Southwest Reef including outer SW Reef, Six Mile Reef, the reefs off Madison, Guilford, and Branford, and the Falkner Island area.

Also, Charles Island area, lower Housatonic River, buoys 18 and 20 off Stratford Point, Stratford Shoal/Middle Ground, Penfield Reef, around the Norwalk Islands, and Cable and Anchor Reef.

Snapper Bluefish fishing remains good to excellent in the tidal rivers, creeks and coves.

Fluke fishing remains slow overall.

Porgy fishing is good to excellent on the major reefs.

Black Sea Bass fishing remains good over hard rocky bottom and submerged wrecks and reefs. For those anglers venturing into Block Island Sound fishing has been red hot!

Atlantic Bonito and Little Tunny have been reported chasing bait on the surface off the Watch Hill reefs, Pine Island area, Little Gull Island to the Sluiceway, Sixmile Reef, and Stratford Shoal/Middle Ground. But, pinning these speedsters down is another story!

Blue Claw Crabbing remains good to excellent with jimmies measuring up to 9 inches from spike to spike!

Source: CTDEEP

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