25 July 2012

• Striped Bass and Bluefish During Summer’s Dog Days

”I've been asked to report on stripers and why they are so hard to find right now…

”The big fish seem to be feeding at night when the waters are calmer and there is less boat traffic, just like their smaller cousins, the largemouth and smallmouth bass found in our lakes and ponds.

"It happens every August when the "dog days of summer" arrive. You can set your watch on it as the dogfish (sharks) arrive in numbers, the hot steamy days are followed by warm nights and the humidity…. All of these combine to send the big stripers down deep where it is cooler and calmer.

”If you just prefer stripers, try some night fishing off of the many bridges….

”However, if fishing is your game and you just want action, the bluefish are more than willing to hit everything you throw if you don't mind searching for them….”

Source: SeaCoastOnLine.com

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