16 July 2012

• Photos from Recent Trips

The Capt. has gotten a bit behind in posting trip reports...so we're just going to put up a bunch of photos and promise to do better in future.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

The early morning drives to the dock have often been foggy.

But by sunrise it's been mostly clear skies and bright...not the most desirable condition for shallow-water fishing.

By now we've posted enough photos of this bird that regular readers should know what it is.***

Charlie W. and Val S. studying a patch of bunker on the surface.

"Hmmmm...wonder if anything's under them?"


Charlie W. with a bluefish or striper on the way to the boat.

We put numerous fish in the boat, but the larger ones have been hard to come by.

Rough living below penthouse-level in this cormorant condo.

Don G. fighting a feisty bluefish.

Rocks covered with green marine vegetation.

Late mornings typically saw clouds forming in the distance.

Believe this is an immature common loon.

[I think I went to school with a couple of those.]

Is that an Egyptian dhow making its way along the banks of the nile?

Nope. Just a couple of sailors taking their small sloop through the marsh.

Mal Y. got into bluefish at Middleground.

The day's "no-wake-zones-don't-apply-to-me" lunkhead.

Capt. with a nice bluefish...caught on a white Lefty's Deceiver fly.

Gertrude: "Hey, Heathcliff, you gonna gimme some of that fish, or what?"

***Black-crowned night heron

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