25 July 2012

• Fly Casting: How to Groove Your Cast [2]

Don't Use So Much Force, Luke:

Casting instructors say the No. 1 casting flaw is overpowering. It's a natural impulse to push harder when you need the line to go farther, or when you're excited by the presence of feeding fish and rush to get a fly in front of them. But too much force will degrade your cast. Casting with a decidedly light touch can make an amazing difference.

As they say, let the rod and line do the work. Both are products of decades of fly-fishing experience, meticulously designed for top performance. Use a light touch so you can take advantage of that design expertise.”

Source: This and other ideas on how to groove your cast can be found in the most recent newsletter from Flyshack.com. To receive this newsletter, go to Fly Shack Newsletter

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