29 July 2012

• Dams: How Industrial Age Technology is Costing Us

”Thousands of dams—many more than a century old—block the natural flow of our rivers. That's well past the productive lifespan of many of these structures.

”Beginning in the 18th century, dams were built to power mills producing cloth, flour, and other goods. With the mills gone, the dams no longer play the role they once did. But after all these years, the dams are still impacting the rivers.

”Millions of fish that migrate annually between the ocean and rivers can't get to their native spawning grounds, contributing to drastic reductions in the populations. This affects the entire ecosystem since they are important prey for other animals, both on land and at sea.

”Dams that ‘breach’ (rupture) also pose a significant threat to human life and property. To prevent this, dams require regular maintenance, which can be costly. Removing dams can be a boon to fish and a relief to local residents.”

Source: NOAA

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