21 July 2012

Connecticut, Long Island Sound, Housatonic River Saltwater Fishing Report: 19 JUL

Charlie W. and I were underway shortly after 0600 on Thursday.

First thing we saw on the river was a pod of bunker finning on the surface.

That line of wrinkled water is the fish.

Thursday was the day after the thermometers broke 100° in many parts of Connecticut...but Thursday was not like Wednesday.

It was chilly and sunless at the start of the day.

The local commercial fishing fleet was undaunted, however, and headed out on Long Island Sound.

The winds were whipping in from the east at 15-20 as the sun sought to get out from behind the clouds.

We endured a couple of brief, light showers and a couple of glimpses of the sun's rays...which were warming but short-lived.

Camera froze this bird's props in space as it approached the airport.

It felt more like October out there than it did like 19 July.

The beam of Stratford light was clearly visible through the gloom.

Of course, cloud cover is not all bad. Leaden skies would keep the fish inshore whereas bright sun would have them heading for the depths.

But with the water temps on the Sound nearing or even exceeding 70°, stripers were going to be hard to find in shallow water.

That east wind, blowing the whole length of Long Island Sound, made it too rough to venture out comfortably, so we spent most of the time hunkered down behind a seawall.

We were looking for striped bass and blues, but caught only bluefish...

...which doesn't really bother me as bluefish are among the best fighting fish in the Sound.

This fellow ran line off the reel and jumped a couple of times before finally succumbing to the boga grip.

These terns, probably Common Terns, were all lined up facing into the wind.

Guess it's easier for them to stand that way under blowing conditions, plus it sets them up to take off in case the nasty man in the boat with the camera decides to attack.

We caught a bunch of bluefish...kept three for the filet knife which Charlie wields with expertise.

Could have used a warmer jacket out there, but all-in-all it was another great day on the water.

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