23 July 2012

• Coast Guard: Hoax Maydays Expensive and Dangerous

Note: this article is from July 2012. For the latest reports please go to: ConnecticutSalwaterFishing.com

”The Coast Guard is calling attention to the dangers and risks of hoax distress calls after launching air and boat crews to respond to a radio transition of a child’s voice making a mayday call Saturday at approximately 6:46 p.m.

”Watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Southeastern New England’s command center received the call….

”False alerts and hoax calls are particularly frustrating cases for both the maritime emergency responders and taxpayers. These cases unnecessarily put first responders in danger and waste valuable operational hours and cost.

"The total search efforts associated with this call will be well over $20,000, $10,000 for one hour of helicopter search time and $3,000 each hour per small boat.”


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