06 June 2012

• You Like Fried Wonton with Your Illegal Striped Bass?

”DEC police said Dragon Garden, located on Route 9W in Coxsackie, had nearly one dozen striped bass filets, 24 undersized crappies, one largemouth bass and several bags of frozen striper parts on the premises – all of which are illegal to possess commercially.”


Photo: thedailymail.net

• “New Bering Sea Research Reveals How Changing Ecosystem Impacts America's Most Valuable Fisheries“

”Bering Sea marine mammals, birds, and fish are shifting where they eat, bear their young, and make their homes in response to changes in sea ice extent and duration. These patterns of change are documented in a special issue of the journal of Deep Sea Research II now available online….

”In the past decade, Bering Sea shelf waters experienced a multi-year very warm spell followed by a very cold spell. James Overland, Ph.D., of PMEL and others investigated these events and compared them to a 95-year long weather record. Such extreme events were rare but not unique. The researchers found that while modest long-term warming due to climate change is expected in the North Pacific and southeastern Bering Sea, the historical records suggest that the most important climate feature over the next few decades will be large random variability….”


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