02 June 2012

• Improving Your Roll Cast...and Radioactive Bluefin

”Roll-casting is a vital technique in nearly all fly-fishing situations. More than simply a means to make a forward cast when backcast space is compromised, it also enables an angler to remove slack from the line, raise a sunken line to the surface, lift a popping bug off the water to make a quick delivery, or reposition the line before executing a pickup and backcast.”

New Information on Fly Fishing in Salt Waters

Image from Basspro.com

• “Radioactive Bluefin Tuna Crossed the Pacific to U.S.

”Across the vast Pacific, the mighty bluefin tuna carried radioactive contamination that leaked from Japan's crippled nuclear plant to the shores of the United States 6,000 miles away — the first time a huge migrating fish has been shown to carry radioactivity such a distance.
"We were frankly kind of startled," said Nicholas Fisher, one of the researchers reporting the findings online Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.”


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