04 June 2012

Connecticut, Long Island Sound, Housatonic River Saltwater Fishing Report: 31 May

Don G. and Rich N. joined me aboard Shoo-Fly on a bluebird day [maybe the only one] last week. Sky was full of cormorants which are definitely not blue birds.

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Pretty good crop of egrets to be seen in the Nells Island marsh.

Also a game of mute swans. Don't know why a batch of swans is called a "game." A "murder of crows" sort of makes sense, but "game" of swans? Apparently a group of swans in flight is called a "wedge"...which seems to compute all right.

Watching this fellow get off the water was a hoot...ran along the surface for maybe 50 feet before finally getting up enough steam to launch.

It was very windy...20 kts. or so...making fly-casting a bit risky; but, not all the folk on the water dislike the wind.

On the way to Sikorsky, one might guess.

A view of the Stratford Light never disappoints.

And there's always some lunkhead who believes the no-wake zones don't apply to him.

We caught fish about everywhere we went...probably about 50 of them...

...not counting the darned sea robins which harassed us endlessly. Not that they're not fun to catch. They put up a fight...and then grunt at you while you're taking them off the hook. It's just that they're not real game fish.

None of the bluefish were much bigger than this one.

So the 50 or so fish we counted were all stripers and bluefish...plus two undersized fluke.

But it was still great to be out on the water stretching the fishing lines.

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