03 June 2012

• Charles Walsh’s “Short Casts Fishing Report” and Eel-skin Plugs

”Short casts Fishing report: Anyone who has been out on Long Island Sound lately has seen the large schools of bunker that are drawing the stripers and bluefish."


• New Analysis Shows Eight Percent of U.S. Marine Waters Protected

”New analysis of updated data has shown that eight percent of U.S. waters are currently designated as marine protected areas (MPAs), with the vast majority of these areas open to fishing and other activities, according to NOAA. The analysis also showed that more than two-thirds of all U.S. MPAs were created, at least in part, to conserve natural heritage values, such as biodiversity, ecosystems, or protected species.

”About a quarter of sites focus on sustainable production, such as those established to recover overfished stocks, protect species readily taken as bycatch, or preserve essential fish habitats, while the remaining approximately ten percent were established to conserve our nation's cultural heritage.

”U.S. sites are cataloged in the recently updated MPA Inventory, available online. Data in the updated MPA Inventory are available in tabular and spatial form, and can be viewed through the MPA Center's interactive MPA mapping tool.”


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