24 May 2012

• You Don’t Have to Be Nuts…but…!

”After accessing an isolated rock at Montaug point, he hooked into a 48-pound striped bass that yanked him clean off the rock. He did not have fins at the time, so could do little else but hold onto his rod while the monster fish towed him around. But he discovered that the wetsuit kept him afloat and decided that if he wore fishing fins used by divers, he could better control a fish.

”Skishing was born.”


Coast Guard Terminates Commercial Fishing Vessel Voyage For Safety Violations

”A Coast Guard Cutter Moray boarding team conducted a routine at-sea boarding of the fishing vessel Corea, Maine-based, 38-foot fishing vessel Calypso, and found several safety violations.

"There were no personal flotation devices, no visual distress signals and no life rings aboard….”


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