16 May 2012

That’s Why They Call It Hunting…er…Fishing

”They used 30-foot boats without radios. They hunted [swordfish] with harpoons, essentially really long knives, to catch fish that could weigh four or five times what they weighed and which could be twice as tall as they were. The harpooners, called "strikers," stood on a pulpit jutting out over the bow, directed by "spotters" 30 feet above them in cross-trees affixed to the mast, on to swordfish sunning on the ocean surface a half-mile away.”


”Fly Fishing in Connecticut”

”A new book published by Wesleyan University Press, Fly Fishing in Connecticut by Kevin Murphy, is a guide to those new to the sport. Murphy covers what gear is necessary and gives advice on how to become equipped to fish without breaking the bank.”


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