29 May 2012

Stratford, Stratford, Stratford, Connecticut

• Stratford Point Restoration Program

”Stratford Point once supported a substantial coastal bluff, tidal marsh and a patchwork of inter-tidal dune and coastal grassland habitats. According to Beekey, the coastal bluff was removed in the early 1900s, and over subsequent decades the tidal marsh was filled in.

"Stratford Point became home to the Remington Arms Gun Club in the early 1920s, which operated a trap and skeet range there from 1926 to 1986.

”Concerns over lead shot in the environment forced the club to cease operations, and accumulated lead shot was removed between 2000 and 2001. During this period, much of Stratford Point’s inter-tidal and upland habitat was excavated, cleaned and back-filled. This habitat was then re-graded and seeded with fast-growing drought and salt-tolerant grasses.”


• Stratford Police Marine Patrol

”The officers on Marine 1 are authorized to stop any watercraft at any time. On a busy day…they’ll stop 10 to 12 boats.

“’Our main objective is to make sure everybody is safe….’

“Officers will make certain a vessel is equipped with audible warning signals, floatation devices, and flares, and make certain operators are not under the influence and are properly certified.

“’We can board anybody at any time….’

“’Unlike in a car, there’s no probable cause….’

“The most common violation is speeding in the no-wake zone, marked by buoys. Boaters…lose track in the one-and-one-half-mile no-wake zone from the Birdseye boat launch to the Sikorsky Bridge.”***


***Note: We sent this email to StratfordStar.com: “Last we heard the no-wake zone ended at the railroad bridge. Is someone trying to extend the zone by fiat?

• Stratford Greenway Allows Views of Long Island Sound

”The area will consist of central seating, benches that face the Housatonic River, Long Island Sound, and Nells Island, biking and jogging lanes, lighting, and planting areas.

The path begins on Main Street and continues all the way down to Beacon Point Road.”


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