13 May 2012

More Lefty...and You Can't Catch Stripers on Flies

Ask Lefty

”I have been casting a 9-weight with a 350-grain sinking line. My casts have been going 70 feet into the wind, and when I want more distance, I haul faster. However, my leader is not extending all the way. When I strip my line, it takes anywhere from two to seven strips to pick up the slack. As you well know, this is not ideal. By the time the fly starts to move, the fish are almost always past the fly. So what am I doing wrong?”

New Issue of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters

Apparently You Can’t Catch Striped Bass with the Fly Rod

”Here are 10 ways to catch them: Chunking fresh or frozen menhaden…Live menhaden…Surface plugs or poppers…Swimming lures… Parachute squid jigs…Trolling with tube and worm…Trolling with umbrella rigs… Casting soft plastics… Buck tail jigs with pork rind squid strips…Live eels.”


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