30 May 2012

• Long Island Sound: A Marine Sanctuary?

”I almost dropped my teeth when I read in The New London Day a couple of months ago that Connecticut's freshman senator, the ubiquitous Richard Blumenthal, was proposing that "a very expansive part of Long Island Sound" be dedicated as a marine sanctuary.

”From what I knew of marine sanctuaries established in other areas, it could mean that in certain parts of Long Island Sound fishing, recreational and/or commercial, would be banned or severely restricted.”

Charles Walsh in CTPost.com

• Big Fish in Long Island Sound

”Some anglers in the know have been tight-lipped on the subject, but rumors of big fish in local waters keep circulating and many are proving to be true.

"Better still, the trophies taken have involved a wide variety of species including stripers, blues, fluke, winter flounder and jumbo porgies.”


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