26 May 2012

• Fishing from A Park Bench

”Andrae Stanley was napping. Really, he was fishing. But sitting on a green bench near Battery Park, with a Hudson River breeze in his face and the chattering of tourists in his ears, he had managed to doze off. And like any experienced fisherman, he napped with one eye half open.

If either of his two poles [aka ‘rods’] so much as twitched, he would know. That was his dinner on the end of the line.”


Coast Guard Station New Haven

”The public has a large nautical playground on the waters of the Long Island Sound, but even playgrounds must be patrolled and protected.

”That is the job of the United States Coast Guard and in large part by Station New Haven. If you look at the map of Connecticut, Long Island Sound looks like this narrow body of water. But there's a lot of ground for the Coast Guard to cover out there.”

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