08 May 2012

Connecticut, Long Island Sound, Housatonic River Saltwater Fishing Report: 07 May

Shoo-Fly, our Pathfinder 2200 bay boat, finally made it back to Connecticut last week. We had to do a major clean-up on the boat as the bodies of dead bugs had besplattered her from her ride in the open truck that brought it up from the Florida Keys…but, otherwise, she was In fine shape…all systems checked and operating within spec.

Charlie W., fresh from the opening gala of his art exhibit in Black Rock, joined me for this year’s maiden fishing trip. I asked him where the fish were…he’d been so busy with his art show that he had no clue.

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I said to him that if the boat had gotten here back in March, when I returned from the Keys, we’d know exactly where the stripers were hanging out…but I had no clue either. Had called Don G. who usually has his finger on the pulse of the striped bass, but he’d been busy with work and could only opine that the thought they’d more likely be at the mouth of the Housatonic River than upstream.

Charlie called a local bait shop…which was no help either. They said that the Derby Dam was “on fire” [which might be a good thing, but in this case meant only that there were a lot of big fish up there]. However, we weren’t about to go up there…couldn’t get in there with the boat anyway…so we headed out on the water figuring we’d just cover a lot of River until we found the fish.

We went north only as far as the power lines…worked all the usual spots on the way…without getting as much as a sniff from a fish. Didn’t see anyone fishing the area at all. Couple of “yakkers” in their pedal boats, but they weren’t fishing…just sightseeing.

So we decided to pay attention to what Don G. had recommended…and we headed for the mouth of the River.

We found some fish…finally. Not exactly spectacular fishing, but it was nice to get the first striper of the year on board Shoo-Fly…and the second…and the third…fourth, and fifth….

This post will probably generate a flock of emails from fisher-friends saying that if we’d only gone a little further north, we’d have hit the fish big time.

Next trip…maybe.

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