22 May 2012

Connecticut Area Fishing Reports

Stamford-Area Fishing Report

”Summer fishing action is starting to shape up though it is not summer yet. Last week saltwater fans caught striped bass, summer flounder (fluke), bluefish and weakfish.

”And, in case you did see them, there was a small pod of porpoises feeding and frolicking off 11B last week.

Martin Armstrong in StamfordAdvocate.com

Norwalk-Area Fishing Report

”Some bass have already been taken at spots along the Norwalk River and harbor, Calf Pasture Beach and the Norwalk Islands. The Norwalk Islands become a summer-long series of hot fishing spots. Any angler with a knowledge of the Islands can find spots to fish at any stage of the tide under almost any weather conditions. Who could ask for more?”

Dick Alley in TheHour.com

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