27 May 2012

• Cape Cod Club Curbs Striper Limits

”The members of the Cape Cod Salties believe that the population of striped bass is in serious decline. This belief is supported by statistics disclosed by government agencies that indicate the recreation catch of striped bass has declined by more than 80 percent over the past several years.

”The club supports legislation or regulation that will reduce the recreational catch of striped bass from the current two fish per day to one fish per day, and legislation or regulation that will substantially reduce or eliminate the commercial fish quota until the stock is substantially replenished.”


• Housatonic or Wussi-adene-uk?

”Several Native American tribes gave their names or language to lakes, rivers, and land areas. Housatonic was spelled ‘Wussi-adene-uk,’ meaning ‘Beyond-the-Mountain-Place,’ and Connecticut was once ‘Quinnetukut’ in the Algonkin language, meaning ‘On the long tidal river.’”


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