10 May 2012

Bonefish Flies for Stripers, Effects of Mild Winter, and Death of a Tug Captain

Bonefish Flies Work for Striped Bass?

”My fly box includes Gotchas, Crazy Charlies, Clouser Deep Minnows, and a very little-known Lefty Kreh pattern called the Shallow H2O. This has been a go-to fly for many years for schoolies in and around shallow eelgrass while they are eating shrimp. A few times, keepers taking this diminutive fly surprised me.

HeraldNews.com [Fall River, MA]

Note: photo is a crazy charlie fly

Mild Winter = Early Season? It Ain’t Necessarily So

”Simply put, it means there are a lot of natural influences on our sea surface and bottom temperatures, like salinity, most of which have nothing to do with how warm or mild our recent winters have been. So the next time you hear someone say,

“‘Man the winter was mild, I bet the season is going to start early this year,’ you can respond…

‘How much do you want to bet?’”


Death of Tug Captain A Caution to All Mariners

”A body found floating off Montauk Point has been identified as a tugboat captain from Massachusetts who fell overboard last month, the Coast Guard said Sunday.”


Note: this photo of a tugboat is unrelated to this story

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