03 May 2012

As the Swallows to Capistrano, So Too the Shad to...Old Lyme?

”The males return first, followed by the females. Shad quit eating once they hit the fresh water, intent on getting upstream. Half of the fish don't survive the swim, after either using up their energy reserves or ending up on the dinner table. But females can live to be ten years old and some make the trip up to four times. One female shad can produce 250,000 eggs between May and July; only 30 percent of the offspring make it back out to sea to continue the cycle, though.”


And the Striped Bass to….

”Martha's Vineyard fishermen have had much to celebrate the past few weeks. The striped bass have returned to Island waters. The first reports came from fishermen casting along the south shore from Tisbury Great Pond to Wasque Point.”


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