03 April 2012

Why Fish Don’t Bite

”The ‘why’ of the bite has a lot to do with efficiency. Feeding can be hard work for fish. If a certain prey item isn’t worth the energy required to catch it, fish won’t try, or will give up after a short chase. Fish are always looking for an easy meal.

”Well, almost always. When they’ve eaten their fill, they usually stop feeding. When you present a bait to a fish that’s stuffed to the gills, the most you can expect is a yawn. The occasional glutton is an exception.

”Fish become tired after feeding, especially if they’ve had to chase down their prey. They also use energy by migrating, spawning, escaping from predators, protecting feeding areas and simply maintaining position in current. They need long periods of rest.”


Fun Read…

”…the only fishing partner from whom I occasionally beg for mercy, hinting, ‘Eric, skies are bright blue, the wind is blowing 30 mph, we haven’t had a sniff in eight hours — think it might be time to head for the launch area?’

“The response is usually: ‘One more drift.'"

Bob Sampson in NorwichBulletin.com

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