24 April 2012

Saltmarsh Stripers and Sick Fish in Gulf

Saltmarsh Stripers

”For most anglers, fly-fishing for striped bass beckons images of screeching birds over busting fish on a windy fall day, or perhaps of stalking that quickly moving shadow on a white sand flat in June. Images such as these are so synonymous with striped bass that it’s easy to overlook the isolation and natural magnificence of the salt marshes that can be found in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, often within sight of major metropolitan areas.

"Avoiding the hustle and bustle of city life is of course attractive, but what’s even more appealing about these salt marshes is the abundance of marine life that can be found.”

New Issue of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters

Two Years Later, Sick Fish Found Near Area of BP Oil Spill

”Open sores. Parasitic infections. Chewed-up-looking fins. Gashes. Mysterious black streaks. Two years after the drilling-rig explosion that touched off the biggest offshore oil spill in U.S. history, scientists are beginning to suspect that fish in the Gulf of Mexico are suffering the effects of the petroleum….

”And the damage may extend well beyond fish. In the past year, research has emerged showing deep-water coral, seaweed beds, dolphins, mangroves and other species of plants and animals are suffering….”


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