21 April 2012

NYC Fishing and a Really Dry April

New York City Area Fishing Report

”So that means trips on bottom-fishing boats now can produce lots of ling, an occasional cod and perhaps some play with striped bass on the way out or back to the dock. Just take along mussels, blood worms, sandworms or clam chum.***


[***What’s the idea here? If you can’t find mussels or worms, you can always put clam chum on your hook? Having people write this stuff who know nothing about fishing can certainly yield some strange information.]

So Far, One of the Driest Aprils on Record

”According to the U.S. Geological Survey, which monitors streamflows through a system of gauges around the state, the eastern half of the state is in a "severe hydrological drought," while the western half is in an "extreme" drought. Drought conditions stretch into much of the rest of New England as well as Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.”


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